Kids these days

I spent the weekend at the wedding of my brother’s oldest son, the first of the next generation¬ to marry.¬ The wedding was beautifully done as a meal – the ceremeny was literally between the crab cakes and the main course, and s series of toasts, speeches, and mingling bridged the dessert and coffee.¬ The guests included many graduate students, who amazed me by saying that almost all their important papers – by which I mean their assignments, their research, their email, etc – existed only online.¬ I can see that this is more efficient, but I am not ready to give up my hard drive.¬ An early sign of fuddydom.

I guess we ‘cells’ are just hooking up a ‘nervous system’ with this internet, and I imagine that we are going to be obsessed with this new connectivity for some time to come.¬ Even Quan has discovered email and the net, and we spend companionable time together each in our own screen light.


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