Although well through andropause or ‘manopause’, I still find my body obeying me pretty well, except in the area of metabolism – losing weight is harder, and caring about it is harder: There are so many other more important things, I am not in the sexual market, and food is a greater pleasure now that I have slowed a little.

But one area that has cropped up recently is that I can pull muscles more easily than before.  It happened when I was pulling wire up from the old rabbitat (www.rabbitats.com) ealier this year, and this time when I was pulling thorny hedge roots from outside the summer cottage.  There was a ping, and a sharp pain in my forearm, and I had to immediately stop.  Then it faded for a while, but settled in my ring finger:  Anytime I hit it or bumped it or gripped with it, it reminded me, sharply.

A week later I can go for quite a while without feeling it – guitar playing, gripping the drill or hammer, doing bodywork.  I can find it, but only if I curl the ring finger about halfway, and then press in against resistance in a very specific oblique direction.  I feel it in the forearm.

Here’s the news: There are no muscles specifically aimed at the ring finger in the forearm.  But I guess there are.


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