Anatomy trains 10 years on

After 10 years of sitting with the Anatomy Trains, I am willing (though I remain) to be convinced that the myofascial meridians have less anatomical significance than they were invested with in the first edition of the book. Recent criticism of the method employed in generating them may require a rethink. A dissection of an unembalmed cadaver is a necessary next step – any volunteers?


As I delve into writing the second edition (which will mostly be a ‘refiguring’ – new pictures, now colors – of the book, less of a rewrite), I am more than ever convinced of the clinical significance of the trains. The ‘single-muscle theory’ – the very idea that there are these individual entities called ‘a muscle’ seems a limited view at best, a pernicious delusion at worst. The successful strategies that are arising out of the Anatomy Trains point-of-view more than justify any anatomical liberties taken,


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