Christmas books

One of the joys of this season is being able to read a bunch of things at once – what Aldous Huxley called ‘rich mixed feed’. What do I have on the hop this January 2nd?

Bob Bylan’s Chronicles, (surprisingly down to earth)

Let Every Breath… Secrets of the Russian Breath Masters (a book on the martial art Systema)

The Traveler, by John Twelve Hawks – a post-9/11 novel of interdimensional derring-do

Off the Coast, a book of Maine poetry

The New York Times Cartoon Puzzle Book (amazingly well-constructed as well as fun)

and Monkey Hill, the new Paul Theroux stroy in The New Yorker.

Oh, and Priscilla Barker’s PhD thesis on the lumbar fascia fiber direction (not nighttime reading)


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