In any complex system, energetic items within it will move from any middle toward an edge, and when they / it reaches an edge – a border between the known and the unknown, or the possible and the impossible, it will move sideways along that edge.

This is very important.

Animal paths in the woods, for instance, can always be found just back from the edges. Al the interesting and energetic artists are prowling the edges. Your desperate clients are searching back and forth along the edges. Waves crest near the shore.



2 Responses to “Edges”

  1. Elaine McGillicuddy Says:

    What does chaos theory say about making the leap into the unknown? What triggers it? Only desperation?

    Please say more about the “importance” of your comment which, as “uncategorized” I take as a hint applies to social systems.

  2. Elaine McGillicuddy Says:

    I did not say”Your comment is awaiting moderation,” but only the few sentences below. Computer fluke? ;o) Elaine

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