To my Republican Senators

What the cupidity / stupidity ratio is of Bush’s behaviour no longer matters: It is now more of a constitutional crisis not to impeach than it would be to impeach. What happens to Bush as a result of impeachment no longer matters either: Simply, this country will lose more if we don’t exercise the Constitution – lose heart, lose confidence, lose involvement, lose face. Our dignity demands impeachment.

At the very least, this adminsitration should be under the steady pressure toward indictment that we saw in the Nixon era. It is up to Congress – the Senate particularly – to step in to save this country – let alone your party – from this embarrassing and petty tyrant.

Let him think of himself as a martyr (it’s kind of fitting) – the Son crucified in the name of the war to redeem the oil-igarchy. “If only they understood…” – Let him think whatever he wants, just move him / them out of power, and preferably out of office.


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