This morning I went for a long walk in a residential neighborhood in Seattle – I have been shoved from the deep winter still gripping Maine into beds of daffs and streets of blossom trees, reminding me of England – the delicate white and pink flowers seemingly wired onto bare branches. Yesterday’s wind and rain is starting to strew the petals.

The drug of choice here in Seattle is coffee. More than 30 storefronts I passed sold coffee in some form – and this ios not downtown, or anyplace particularly commercial. I passed a place that specialized in repairing home espresso makers – what town outside of Italy would have something like that? I passed ‘Espresso Dental’, but it was early this Saturday morning, so I could not go in to see what that might mean.

Near home again, I stopped at ‘Herkimer Coffee’ – thought of industrial diamonds. The barista – say ‘grunge’ to Central Casting and this is what you get – was properly surly and snobby, and served up the best latté I have had since I left Arabica’s in Portland 4 years ago.

Now I have that two-shot urge in my diaphragm, and this is my day off. Gotta go.


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