The Tokyo workshop is done – successful I think, though it is sometimes hard to tell. Lots of bowing and photographs. It was successful for me – the first chance I have had to explain my developments of Ida Rolf’s work to a bunch of Rolfers, albeit in another language (Salute to Yoshi-san, though, for a great and indefatigable job of translation). Took Yuki and Masa for a beer to thank them for their help in organizing – what a cute couple.

Went to dinner after to meet three PT’s, with another Japanese rolfer, Kaori, as a translator, since they had no English. They were funny – “I can’t believe I am sitting here with Tom Myers who wrote Anatomy Trains”. They all had fabulous business cards – I was ashamed I hadn’t brought any out with me, but would have been more ashamed if I had some – mine are such cobbled together, self-printed things – Tammy, we really must do better before I head East again – and this was a formal handing over ceremony – two hands given, two hands received, coats and ties. A Western restaurant – all I want is sushi, but I had a Caesar salad and pasta carbonara. Want to make a lot of money? Open a good Italian restaurant here in Tokyo.

They all knew Diane Lee – I have her to thank – and this meeting bodes well for future workshops here for PT’s – but when can I do it?

At the hotel, I spend a few minutes showing them Primal Pictures and the new Dissection DVD.  Then we stand in the lobby, saying good night and goodbye, good night and good bye – on and bloody on.  I am being polite, showing them to the door – and trying to get them through it, I am so tired…  Until I twig on to what a friend, an inveterate world traveler said to me: the more honored guest must turn away first.  So finally I just turn on my heel and head for the elevator, catching their smiles of relief as they, too, finally released, can head home.
My fatigue is deepening – really have a cold, dark circles under the eyes, hope I sleep tonight.

On to Korea, and then I welcome the long trip home.


One Response to “Carbonara”

  1. Kaori Says:

    Although the food we had there were not good at all, There are bunch of great Italian restaurants in Tokyo actually.
    Thank you for taking your time to meet up with us all.

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