Out of Order

I conceived this blog as a series of letters to my daughter, though I have occasionally had other readers in mind. They are pleasurable extensions into non-professional writing for me – true in as many details as I can manage; not fiction, but still tautened or skewed a little to make a point. Apparently, these essays (in the French sense of ‘attempts’) have offended too many of the characters herein, so I am compelled to stop using this blog as a diary.

To those I have offended (quite a variety, apparently – including my Japanese hosts, my sister-in-law, some English students, a fellow workshop organizer) I deeply apologize. I never expected that anyone would bother to read these verbose entries. Nor were they intended to offend – I was intent only on making jokes on myself, and reporting subjective experience – especially this spring as I traveled to far and so variably abroad.

Although I have the temptation to tell them to ‘change the channel’ if they do not like what they read, I have no wish to cause pain with these little exercises.

My unvarnished opinions will still appear on this site somewhere, but you will have to dig more deeply to find them. This blog will continue to receive what I hope will be less controversial and more homely entries. Tant pis.


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