Back on Board

After careful consideration and a number of comments – including an interesting email concerning blog ‘outing’ by a gay prostitute from a distant but trusted old friend (surprised again by the readers this blog had) – I have decided to set this blog in motion again – more aware, I hope, of possible ramifications, but undeterred by comments, or offense these entries might cause.

Though unfamiliar with other blogs or the blogosphere, this new manner of diary / essay so appeals to me that I decline to stop – or even to bury these entries, as I promised in my last post, under layers of electronic obscurity.

That a few of these little jaunts apparently hurt other people’s sensibilities was my cause for stopping, and I am deeply sorry for dragging those of my acquaintance into a public eye, but you are hereby on notice: Association with me bears this risk: you might show up here in a less-than-flattering limelight.

I also understand that this mode of expression may work to my own detriment, but that risk was worth taking from the beginning.  After this month off, I feel that the risk of hurting others is worth taking as well.  I hope for, but do not expect, understanding that the only person I wish to make fun of here is myself.

Those who bruise easily are probably better advised not to read this blog.  I welcome comments – you may post them by clicking the link below – but the spirit of this experiment requires unvarnished observations.  This is not an attempt at objectivity or informed opinion, and likewise no sarcasm (“flesh-cutting”) is intended, but merely a comment on the strange and meandering paths life offers.

The month in between the last post and this has been a very low time for me.  With my business, my family, and with Quan’s animals, we have been dealing with loss, blockage, and disappointment.  The innocent suffer, while small-mindedness and lack of imagination infect those who should know better.  One cannot act, it seems, without causing some hurt.  J’espére qu’il vaut la peine.

And yet there are a lot of hopeful encounters as well.  These lead me to reinstate this blog.  Back into the fray: Laissez les bon temps roulez!


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