The Film Director

A Hollywood film director who shall remain otherwise nameless, working in London, visited my practice. A small, trim, and athletic man, he was completely mismatched by his feet, which were crabbed, tiny, thin – looking like some old hen’s feet.
Like many wealthy Americans he was charmed by the tailors of Jermyn Street, and had ordered himself a full set of ‘bespoke’ clothes – tailored to himself alone.  Because his feet were a problem, he had also gone to Lobb’s to have himself fitted for a couple of pairs of shoes.

In my second session with him, I tackled those feet with the zeal that only a new rolfer can provide.  I finished the session, and spent a couple of minutes making notes and putting the sheet in the hamper.  When I came out, he was sitting there on the church pew I had in the entrance hall, with his head in his hands, holding a shoe.

“I can’t believe it,” he said, “I just paid £600 for these shoes” – about $1200 at that time – “and now I can’t fit in them.
“Your not in America anymore,” I said, “Go back to Lobb’s and show them.”

The session had changed his foot a full shoe size in both length and width, as it turned out.  The gentle folk at Lobb’s were non-plussed, but entirely accommodating – they made both sets of shoes over again with new lasts to fit his new feet.


One Response to “The Film Director”

  1. Deborah (Hill) Hansen Says:


    So good to see words from you again in this new vehicle. I’m still living in Washington State. My son in grad school at MIT. I’m involved in a business to restore health to beaches and estuaries. Not too active in that at the moment, as current sales are overseas.

    I’ve spent the past couple of years as a cancer caregiver to my sweetheart who is recovering nicely.

    More details supplied if you are interested.

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