The other debt to Ida I wanted to repay was to get some research started.  I am not a researcher; I am not even a clinician – I suppose I am a spokesperson or some such these days.  But it was great to see all the research in the fascial field that Robert Schleip and Diane Lee and Helene Langevin have been doing, along with the ringers from outside – the incomparable Donald Ingber, the startling imagery of Dr Guimberteau, and the easy humor of Serge Gracovetsky.

Wherever it goes from here – and you will see lots about this in the magazines, the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, in the next edition of the Anatomy Trains book, and on our website – something has been started.  Again, I had little to do with it except for an initial spark, but there were those waiting in the wings, like Tom Findlay and Robert, who made this fly.

And fly it did.

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