War on Iran

I am no more of a student of international politics than anyone else, and cannot fathom this administration’s logic in its realpolitik, but can no one stop this headlong rush into a criminal and stupid strike on the good people of Iran?  Are we such sheep that we will believe and acquiesce to whatever they say and whatever they do?  Have we learned nothing about their ability to lie?  Has Congress lost all reason and restraint with its cojones?


Whether 9/11 was created (those buildings, struck asymmetrically, went down as neat as a stack of pancakes) or merely manipulated by these people, it is the greatest threat to this democracy yet perpetrated, right up there with the Civil War.  If this does not rise to high crimes and misdemeanors, I don’t know what does.  But we sleep on, lulled by the Prozac of our propped up affluence and the Britney Spears / American Idol circuses.

It’s all so predictable – Rome, again.  ‘Islamo-fascism’ – the red flag the Republicans have apparently chosen to wave in front of the populace for this election – makes no distinction between Arab and Persian.  And no distinction between a sophisticated society like Iran – temporarily (for reasons of our interference in installing the Shah) ruled by sharia, but fundamentally committed, like Turkey, to being a Western-oriented society – and an old despotic potentate like Saudi Arabia, our supposed ally.

We have alienated them all.  When will it stop?  We must stand up and stop the next step, a strike on Iran.  What will it serve?  They are years away from a bomb, and will trade it away for civilian nuclear power.

This madness, whether a Bush Christian obsession or a Cheney Machiavellian bid for New American Century hegemony, must be stopped before we are over the brink.

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