In Memoriam – Louis Schultz

If Ida was the face that launched a thousand elbows, Louis was the voice that launched a thousand anatomy geeks – and I am definitely one of them!  After his 4-day Anatomy class – optional in 1974 when I started training – I was hooked, and everything that has flowed to and fro in my travels was birthed in the curiosity and wonder that he created in that wide sandbox of his mind and heart.

It is wonderful to see my students surpass me – like Gil Hedley and Christoph Sommer among many others – but all of them should know that so much that I taught them came from Louis and his embryological unity unfolding, Michael Murphy and his willingness to be a fool for the students’ benefit, and Dan Seltzer, a man whom nobody knows, but once, before he killed himself, he was a Harvard theater professor.  My first spiritual teacher, Dan taught me about finding the role deep, deep within the self.  He couldn’t do it himself, but he could evoke it in others.

No such doubts assailed Louis. Generous, kind, open, pragmatic and true to himself, Louis Schultz was an inspiration to us all.


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