LAX and it’s not snowing!  Wave after wave of snow has been thrown at Maine, making care for the animals difficult and skiing through the woods magical.  Hard on my Mom, who is recovering from a hip replacement operation after a freak fall on her 90th birthday, and who probably won’t be doing much outside walking on the ice this winter.  Hard on Timmy, whose grizzled face peers through the frosty windshield nearly every dark morning as the next snow gets pushed out of the way, bowing the barn doors and building up the banks on the side of the drives.

Off to Japan, and looking forward, though so many people and a foreign tongue is a bit daunting.  Also I don’t want to leave my poor wife, who is doing so poorly in the wake of Dakota’s passing, nor the Clarks Cove community, seemingly riven by the shock of such central death.

We need principles to live by, and I heard a wonderful motto for any community to live by – I believe it is of the Unitas Fratras of the Moravian sect of early Christians, but who cares where it comes from, really?

Unity in the Essentials

Freedom in the Non-Essentials

Love in All Things

Next comes the question:  what is essential?


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