Diane Lee’s Good Advice

Diane, a prominent PT who has worked with the Japanese PT’s, kindly takes my panicked call as I head for Japan.  “I’m feeling inadequate, I’m not a trained PT – what do I do with these people?”

“Just put your hands on top of their hands, “ she says in her usual totally practical and friendly manor.

And she’s right:  The first two days are predominantly lecture, without much demonstration, but during the second course we fan out into the crowd of 40, laying on our hands to help them feel into the fascia and the feeling of fascial change.  It works.

And here’s how I know.  The Japanese go ‘Aaah’ in a special way when they get something.  An American may give a smile or an ‘Oh, wow,’, and a European an understated knowing look when they have an understanding, and that’s good grist for a teacher; something to live on.  Though a Japanese student might say ‘ooh’ a couple of times while searching for the feeling, or to convey that they are getting it, but when they really do get it, the “Oo-aaah!” that comes from up from their very hara through the dropped open throat is unmistakable, and there is no more satisfying sound for a teacher on the planet.

So, thanks Diane!


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