White, white, white

Weird wizard wonderland
Winter way away in the wizened woods
Weft of woven branches, withered wracking runes
Written on a wan washed watercolor
Boughs bound down wound
Grounded in the mantle of snow
Gobbets of glacine wanton wax
Like a candle in Grimm’s Hansel

Writhing wraiths whisper ‘tween the trees
Gusts sweep the dust, crust scoured breeze
Waving winter wall of white
No wildcat, wolf or weasel
All the whining wicked wanderers
Nowhere to be witnessed
Even the Wascawy wabbits
Have gone to earth,
No tracks at all, no tracks at all
Only the owl, the silent owl
“Who? Who? Who cooks for you?”

Waning lune on black
Wending my warped way home
‘Tween tattled waste of cat-o-nine-tails
Loose lint lithping my sleeves as I path

Whither home, and whither danger?
Who is known and who’s a stranger?
Warlocks skulk and witches mutter
Wilder tree wisps crack and stutter

Vast winter waste, vale of weeping death
Keep your starkened beauty to yourself


One Response to “White, white, white”

  1. Diane Says:


    I know you (of you) and have once spoken to you on the phone, pre-iPhone (six Ben Franklin’s later with all the stuff and tax) and have read your book and articles, but the most joyful for me was discovering your blog. The universe always sends you what you need and for whatever reason, several clicks later, I was reading your words and seeing the winterscape of Maine. My thoughts are with you in your losses and I can feel the coolness of the snow in your heart. I will visit again to read as it has all the earmarks of a healthy addiction. You are a fine and well-spoken writer.

    The original reason for writing to you has changed since a few hours of reading have passed and a long, hot, meditative bath. Permission is what I ask from you. May I use this quote from your writing in my book?

    “Aging is only bad if you hang on to what must be let go.”
    Dis-traction, December 15th, 2007

    It is well said and should be shared. I found it to be one more gift of the day. Thank you.

    Let me know,
    Monterey Peninsula, CA

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