Nine-Inch Nails

In these few brief days between the coming of the light and the arrival of the bugs, it is good to get your hands in the earth, turn the soil, pluck the weeds, set the seeds – Maine is glorious at this time, so don’t tell anyone else.  These nails of mine – that spend too much time coaxing sense from these computer keys and feeling for the terrain under the human skin – need dirt under them.  By the end of these days, between the boat and garden, my city hands are scraped and gouged, no good for bodywork, but they feel like hands again.

Does anyone have a copy of Light Years Away?  A sleeper film from the early 80’s maybe; doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s list (like Netflix). Trevor Howard plays a spiritual teacher in back-of-beyond Ireland whose quest is to fly.  At one point he is pecked, scratched, and torn by all his raptors, and he has his assistant bury him up to his neck in the peaty soil for three days and feed him soup by hand.

At the end of the three days (a little heavy on the symbolism here), he rises from the soil with his skin restored.  I have never tried the method (we hit Presumpscot clay within a foot or two here), but I wonder if the skin can absorb minerals directly from the soil.  Between that and the bacteria that could act commensally to seal the skin, it looks like a good idea.

Spring here means the ‘Order of the Bloody Knuckle’, seasonal changes around the boats, docks, plumbing fixtures and the barn are hard on the hands.  Working the soil speeds the recovery.


One Response to “Nine-Inch Nails”

  1. Laura Vannorsdall Says:

    My dear friend, Lisa James from Greenville, NC, must have recently taken a class with you. She told me to look you up, as we have a Maine and Harvard connection. I live here in Greenville, but I summer in Camden, Maine. During the school year, I am a student at Harvard.

    I love your blog enteries. And I never read blogs.

    I know almost nothing about message therapy, but I am interested in your work.

    Enjoy Spring in Maine. A glorious time!


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