I apologize for the word that ends this entry, but this is a true story that happened to one of my mother’s friend’s daughter this past week.  Since my 90-year-old mother relayed it to me, I guess you can handle it.  This story seems so emblematic of the confused state of race relations in the Obama era:

The woman was canvassing and came to the familiar outpost in rural Maine, a double-wide.  She knocked and a burly young man came out, stained T-shirt poking out through the red-and-black checked shirt.  In response to her questions, he yelled back inside, “Hey, Ma, these people want to know who we’re gonna vote for.”

After a pause came the raspy response: “Tell ‘em we’re votin’ for the nigger!”


Some I have related this story to have failed to see the humor, responding to the residual racism in the epithet rather than the post-racial light I think it represents.  Here is the other side:

One of my students, whose Haitian origins are marked by the kink of her hair, the chocolate shimmy of her hips and her mother tongue, French – but who otherwise sports the clothes and concerns of a typical New Yorker, went to the local Maine supermarket the day after the election.  A woman came up to her and clasped her hand: “You must be feeling so good!”

(At first puzzled, then realizing, Elizabeth resisted the temptation to respond, “Actually, I was a McCain supporter.”)


2 Responses to “Canvasser”

  1. Deborah Serrano Says:

    Good story. So, are you celebrating the new era that just got voted in?

  2. Stephanie Manion Says:

    Now that we all can collectively sigh in relief, I thought this video titled ‘McCain’s Brain’ would add some much needed levity 🙂 .

    Here’s the address:

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