Great Lake

I favor waterside venues for our classes, and the Argonaut Rowing Club has a string of windows overlooking Lake Ontario, which was whipped into a frenzy by the west wind today.  The dirty green chop tried to reach us, gripping the jetty with fingers of foam; the wind, as in Cape Town southeasterlies, scything the tops off the waves, moaning in glee and throwing the spray at the building. No weather for oarsmen; too much even for sailing… well, maybe with a double reef, a good hand on the sheets, and an able boat.  And gloves – as 3 degrees above freezing makes a change from the 38 (100F or so) to which I became accustomed in South Africa.

No rest for the wicked, as I unspool the fascial song and dance for another class. It’s becoming too familiar – time to reinvent my work again.


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