It’s amazing how close the tolerances are in the mouth.  Open and close your mouth (in a milling way, the way you really chew, not just open and close like a hinge) and feel how the teeth ‘guide’ – certain surfaces on the top match certain ones on the bottom, especially via the canines.  This is such a familiar neurological feeling that we go back to it even at the cost of maintaining TMJ dysfunction. Intra-oral work to fix the jaw is sometimes unsuccessful if the client returns to the same guiding patterns that resulted in the problem in the first place.  It is necessary to retrain how the sub-conscious experiences the meeting of the teeth.

Today I bit on the inside of my lip, and resulting swelling feels huge.  I turn my lip down in the mirror, and I cannot even see a lesion, but I can certainly feel it, and the tendency to find that piece of lip between my incisors and re-do the injury is very strong.


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