Churlish, I suppose, when the whole world is mourning Michael Jackson, but when the media swirl is done, I expect that his contributions to music, dancing, and certainly jurisprudence may be safely ignored. His music, especially, falls into that category Phil Spector nailed precisely, referring to the Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever, as “dolphin music”.

I worked in Hollywood during my early 20’s, and can personally attest to the vernix of leeches and self-serving scum that attaches itself to the skin of fame, buffering the performer from the hot breath of the public but at the same time parasitizing the host until there is little of what made them a star left. Without knowing anything of the actual story, I feel sure this was Jack-o’s fate, and pity him his post-We Are The World isolated surgical insanity. I expect he was just really tired and couldn’t face another tour. Rest in peace.


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