In the villages of Oxfordshire, there are still old Cotswold stone houses topped with thatched roofs.  The thatchers (which becomes a job-related name – like Smith, Cooper, Miller, or Wainwright – attached to the Iron Lady Margaret) often build a trademark little animal of bound thatching reeds to sit atop the even thicker layers that cap the roof. Most often these little signature animals – if there is one at all – are birds, recognizable as a pigeon, a duck or, at their most elaborate, a swan.

But never have I seen one as large or startling as this.  We pass it each morning on our way to class.  It might purport to be a dog, but we have named this chimera the “Komodo Baboon”.


One Response to “Thatcher”

  1. Deborah Serrano Says:

    That was an amazing thing. I knew a few things about thatching but I’d never heard of these rooftop signatures. What a picture! Thanks.

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