Another 6″ yesterday and another last night.  Laid down without wind, even an 1/8″ branch has a 1″ bunting of snow on each top side, and every tree is outlined in white.  Lots of shoveling and shifting of white stuff, and breaking out the pick-up to unstick the plow guy, who got stuck in the swale by the barn again.  Trees and roofs are dumping whole bucketloaders’ worth of snow in the paths I just cleared, and meanwhile life goes on.  Our deck is a couple of feet above the ground, but I am now throwing snow up off our deck to the surrounding piles that are 5′ or more.  Where will we put the next round?

As I work, I am listening to the head-scratching news that the Democrats have managed to lose the safest seat in the country, the Massachusetts senatorial seat occupied for 30 years by the lion Ted Kennedy.  Congress is clearly hopeless, the Senate broken in procedural terms, the government of this great empire teetering on a collapse of its ability to effectively govern.  What does Obama do now?  He’s a bit like Clinton after his mid-terms, and Clinton still worked across the aisle, balanced the budget, and (minus Lewinski) came out alright.  So could Obama.  But it’s hard not to rue the chances wasted this year.

The pundits are calling this a referendum on health care, a message that Obama is pushing this bill down the throats of Americans and they don’t like it.  Clearly some of this is true in Massachusetts, that already has a health care reform (put through by Mitt Romney of all people) and see this as an additional tax burden, but I count myself among those who think the Democrats acted too timidly in their first year in power, and have lost their base by being too accommodating of a party who, without delineating an iota of specificity about our way forward, nevertheless blocks any other attempt to ease this nation’s woes, inequities, or almost certain collapse earlyish in this century if we do not do better navigation.


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