Phone home

Although I got along without a cell phone for most of my life, I guess I have had one for about 10 years now – even my 92-year-old Mum has one for emergencies, though she seldom uses it, and missed the computer generation.  My iPhone served as a cell and little else until about a year ago, but now I text (not constantly like my daughter, but it serves me), it is my GPS, compass, voice recorder, calendar, radio, currency converter, weather station, flashlight, emergency musical instrument (guitar, drums, flute), dictionary (English and Latin), restaurant guide, encyclopedia, and it has the complete works of Shakespeare (a surprising comfort).  And of course it is music and podcast entertainment center in my pocket.

But my Japanese colleagues bump phones to exchange info – hope we get that soon, and Yuki plunked hers down on the register in the 7-11 to pay for our snacks, which makes total sense once you see it.  If anyone doubts that the electronic revolution will be as profoundly disturbing and liberating as the industrial and agricultural revolution better wake up and smell the coffee.

(Coffee smell is now available as an app.)


One Response to “Phone home”

  1. Joe Lubow Says:

    I already utilize electronic boarding passes and have thought for a while now that both wallets and keys are unnecessary baggage in the iPhone age.

    “Bump” is already a free iPhone app, just search for “Bump” in the app store.

    I agree that the electronic revolution is simultaneously liberating and disturbing; as heavily as I rely on the productivity it facilitates – and much as I enjoy the world of information it provides, I tend to gauge my state of well-being by how much time I spend out-of-doors away from it all.

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