Home is … stars

Over the last couple of weeks in New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, I’ve seen many scenes by street lights, headlights, red tail lights, green laser shows, Klieg lights on clouds, nightlights on floors, desk lamps, neon lights, computer screens, cell phone displays, fluorescent tubes, LEDs, TV’s, flashlights, laser pointers, projectors, the pervasive lighting of airports and hotels, the general overspill of light from the city –

and of course daylight –

but I haven’t seen stars since I wrote about them in the Caymans.

So now that I am home and up at odd hours of the night while my soul catches up 11 time zones I moved through in 28 hours, I love to step outside into the brisk air of the maple syrup season and check out my old friends twinkling gently in the sky.

Of course the house, cats, wife, and smells are familiar – but funny how this time the most ‘homely’ element are those that are farthest away.

(Click in the space below here for a link)


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