Shell Game

Father to daughter: You’re about to graduate from college – the woild is your oyster!

Daughter (surveying the job scene): Right now, it looks more like a lobster.


2 Responses to “Shell Game”

  1. Misty Says:

    Yes! I am so glad you put this up, I almost forgot!

    So, to explain: The job market looks more like a lobster, in so much as….I am hoping that I can scratch the job market between the eyes and make it go all hypnotic-coma-like, then I can dunk it into a pot of boiling water and cook it up!!

    Wait, that made no sense…

    I want to dunk the job market in butter? No no…that’s not right…

    No, here we go: I am hoping that its enormous claws don’t take an arm off. There we go. The job market is more likely to maim me than nourish me at the moment…

  2. Tomyers Says:

    I took it as ‘red and spiky’ and probably dead.

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