Beavering Away

I am so happy to learn of the beavers who have built a 2800′ (900 meter) long dam in a ‘virtually inaccessible’ part of northern Canada (someone spotted it on Google, woooden-ya-no).

I have always admired the beavers for their industry and perseverance, and copied their workaholic ways.  Many a time I saw them in the pond over the hill from our house when I was young, orange incisors leading their muskrat form down along the lakeside.  Now I live looking right over that same pond and I never see one, never hear their tail slap when they see me.  My neighbour owns the pond, and he regards them as a nuisance, so he encouraged Adam Rice to trap them, and trap them he did, a snare that drowns them as they come into their den from under water.  The den mounds up so they can be dry when they get in there.  The dens are all falling apart now, as there is no one to tend them.  I asked Adam why he traps them, and he said he gets $50 for the pelts, and I said, “Lot’a work for 50 bucks” and he said, “Well, guess it’s a family tradition” which is an unassailable verity around here.

And indeed Adam’s grandfather, who just passed away, probably did trap beaver in his youth, but not to eliminate the population of the pond – either they knew not to take too much in those days, or (more likely) there just wa’nt enough of us here to make our excessive taking so hard on the other species.

So yay, it’s inaccessible to humans, but not to beavers obviously.  Toil away, o beavers, we’re not coming out there to get you.


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