Misty’s Gradu(alis)ation

Misty graduated college this weekend, magna cum laude.  Graduation ceremonies come in two varieties – too hot and too cold – and this was the too cold kind, wind whistling in from Boston Harbor under the edges of the outdoor tent. Though a ceremony is only an outward sign, with silly hats, banal speeches, and a mere moment on the stage receiving your diploma and a shake, it certainly set a seal on Misty’s three years of very focused and productive work.  She certainly enjoyed it for exactly what it was.

I was so happy to join Giselle, her mother, in celebrating her achievement.  I was touched that my brother, my sister, my niece, our longtime friend Annie, and my wife cared enough to drive down for the event.  Sadly, my mother couldn’t be there, but she was able to see the event streamed live over the computer.  The rest of Misty’s grandparents have all passed;we had her when we were already past it ourselves.

More relevant still were the 24 hours after, when we got to spend time together reminiscing about the old days – our own college days, Misty’s early years – and looking forward to her challenges ahead.  She is well-founded, mostly through her own efforts.  I worry – every parent does, and with reason – but I do not fear for her.

Misty in a Mortarboard


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