Millions Against Monsanto

Never before in human history have so few people had such control over the food supply of all humanity.  What they are doing with that control is extraordinarily dangerous, in my opinion.  Our biological heritage represents 3.5 billion years of research and on-the-job training for genes, biology, and the metabolic cycle of exchange.  Biology in general and food in particular are part of the ‘commons’ – what we partake in collectively – and should not be ‘owned’ or liable for alteration without representation.  GMO crops have shown themselves to spread easily into non-GMO areas, which could lead to a massive and uncontrollable experiment with all of our lives.  Be informed, and take action if you feel the same way:;jsessionid=Gs1yNlGT1ZlqWn1MLfDzfMGXDp5phd2yvnyDDdjzNFnJlWghDB3H!-219442439?nomenu=true&siteurl=organicconsumers&service=6&main_url=

2 Responses to “Millions Against Monsanto”

  1. Tweets that mention Millions Against Monsanto « Ruminants -- Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Karen, Anatomy Trains. Anatomy Trains said: Millions Against Monsanto: who controls your food supply? […]

  2. Quan Says:

    Thank you! I appreciate your spreading the word.

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